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The Style Emporium offers bespoke styling packages for home or wardrobe with our talented founder Danielle Schofield.

Danielle also runs incredible styling workshops.

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What our clients are saying...

Michaela Moran
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Danni held an intimate styling night for some local school mothers. The tips and guidance she gave were so practical and will no doubt prove enduring. In a post Covid world where the way we work has changed and where we are looking for more sustainable ways to live, Danni’s advice about owning fewer clothes featuring basic hero pieces with ‘highlight’ pieces, really focussed our minds on thinking about our wardrobes. In fact, since her workshop, I haven’t really had to ‘think’ about clothes at all now as my wardrobe reflects her simplified view on how to dress.
Emily Richardson
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Danielle’s styling workshop helped the women learn how to re-vamp their closets in an efficient and effective manner. Danni walked the women through how to clean out their closet strictly but realistically by providing the girls with options on what to do with items they don’t wear but struggle to let go of. Danni also provided the women with excellent holiday packing tips after discussing the difficulty and stress of packing for a trip. Danni opened the floor to the women for whole group discussions on their struggles with styling, packing and fashion trends, providing advice on the topics and actively listening to the womens concerns. Danielle began the session by asking the women to write down five things they love about themselves and five things they dislike on their person papers. She created a safe space for women to share these things if they felt comfortable. During this discussion, She emphasised the importance of self love, explaining how women already have so much stress and work to deal with that we should not be contributing to that with our own negative self talk. Speaking of the importance of lifting each other up and most of all, lifting yourself up. Danni spoke of different ways confidence and a greater affinity for oneself can be brought out through styling specifically to an individuals taste and body type. Then encouraged the women to try on clothes, helping with options to go with each piece of clothing women picked out for different occasions. Danielle spoke and interacted with the women in an engaging, friendly and open way, which allowed the women to feel comfortable to voice their opinions.